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Permanent Small Business Tax Break Wins House Approval
A huge tax break for small business on equipment purchases has cleared the first of three hurdles to becoming a permanent part of the US tax code. We’ve got details for you.... more
Mobile Devices Save Small Businesses $67.5 Billion a Year
U.S. Small businesses are saving $67.5 billion a year by using mobile apps, tablets, and smartphones.... more
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Concerned About Small Business Retirement Plans
More regulations in retirement planning seems to mean more risk for the small business owner.... more
Findings From The National Small Business Association's 2014 Small Business Taxation...
The latest numbers show small businesses are spending a lot more to accountants just to keep up with the new federal tax code.... more
Businesses Now Need to Engage with Smaller Groups to Succeed on...
Businesses Now Need to Engage with Smaller Groups to Succeed on Facebook. We have some ideas how to accomplish that.... more
Women Business Owners Are Getting More Optimistic About Their Businesses
If you are a woman thinking about starting up your own small business this year, there is some good news for you.... more
Facebook Gives Businesses a New Way to Keep An Eye On...
Facebook has introduced new tool called pages to watch and this tool may make things much better for businesses trying to get their message out over Facebook.... more
Tips for Businesses Using Linked In Recruiter
LinkedIn Recruiter may be something to consider when you are looking for talent for your business. It comes in two tiers: Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Corporate... more
Study Finds Small Businesses Getting Better at Social Media
Niche matters when it comes to social networks. Find the one where you and your business fit in best.... more
The Small Business Administration Soon To Have A New Head
Her name is Maria Contreras-Sweet. The Mexican born businesswoman has created numerous businesses in California and has served in many capacities in the California government.... more
How Your Business Could Use The Hot New App Jelly from...
There’s a new app called Jelly which may turn out to be an excellent way for you to get the word out on what your company specializes in.... more
Highlights From NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) collects data on small business economic trends... more
Google May Have Unveiled Your Next Big Advertising Strategy
+Post Ads utilize businesses’ Google+ presences and could turn out to be a major part of online advertising.... more
Can Twitter Be Effective For Small Businesses
Twitter is one way for a small business to get its name out there.... more
IRS To Audit More Small Business Partnerships
The Internal Revenue Service is going to be conducting more audits on those small business partnerships, as opposed to corporations, in the coming year.... more
Study Finds Small Business Retirement Plans Lackluster
A major lack of options for small business employees could ultimately push them toward larger companies with better benefits.... more
Yahoo Small Business Launches New Commerce Central Offering
Yahoo has acquired the ecommerce app “Lexity” which is known for helping small businesses strengthen their online presences with simple apps.... more
AT&T Urges Small Businesses Nationwide To Pledge Not To Text And...
AT&T is running a program, where small businesses can pledge not to ever text and drive, and raise money for schools in their communities.... more
Scammers Use 'ObamaCare' To Target Small Businesses
Scammers are taking advantage of “ObamaCare” to target small businesses and those without insurance.... more
White House Lists Five Ways the Affordable Care Act Helps America’s...
Obamacare gives the small businesses as much purchasing clout as bigger businesses within the medical insurance arena.... more
Yelp Now Lets Users Review Businesses From Their Phones
Yelp reviews can make or break businesses, and now customers have the power to immediately share their thoughts about your business before they even walk out the door.... more
The State of Women Owned Business
New data shows minority-owned businesses, especially those owned by women, are the clear leaders in the growth of small business.... more
Business Owners Healthier Than Others, But Not As Likely To Be...
Research tells us small businesspeople are healthier than the rest of Americans. However, only 25% even carry health insurance.... more
Marketplace Fairness Act Places New Burdens on Small Businesses
The Marketplace Fairness Act, and why internet and small brick and mortar shops see it so differently.... more
Facebook Hashtags Mean Big Things for Businesses
Why Facebook is new Hashtag option can mean a big boost for a small business.... more
Study Finds Small Businesses Focused On Growth
A study from Dell and Intel finds that U.S. small business optimism is an increased focus on growth among the nation’s small businesses.... more
The Latest On Marketplace Fairness Act (Online Sales Tax Bill)
The online sales tax bill, the Marketplace Fairness Act, was passed in the Senate earlier this month.... more
LinkedIn Making It Easier For Businesses To Find and Hire New...
LinkedIn Recruiter has been helping employers find suitable employees since it launched. Now, LinkedIn has given the Recruiter homepage a complete overhaul with new hiring tools.... more
Foursquare Aims To Make It Easier For People To Find Your...
Learn about Foursquare and how it can help your business be found.... more
Facebook's New News Feed Features Benefit Businesses
Facebook recently unveiled some new changes to the News Feed, which is essentially the backbone of the Facebook user experience.... more

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