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Google Tests New Banner Ads

Brands may soon be getting even more love from Google as the company is reportedly testing big banner-style imagery on ads on brand-specific search results pages.

Search Engine Land has confirmed with Google that the test is legit, but is only a small test in the U.S. There’s no telling if this will amount to an actual feature.

If it does become a wide-reaching feature, however, it obviously adds a tremendous amount of branding to the search results page. Let’s hope they stay limited to brand-specific queries. As we’ve been seeing, Google has been giving brands some extra visibility even on generic queries.

As Barry Schwartz at SEL points out, Google said this eight years ago:

There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages. There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever.

I think this probably qualifies as a graphical doodad on a search results page. That said, the above quote was made in context with a partnership between Google and AOL when they announced a global advertising deal. The statement was also made by Marissa Mayer, who is obviously now at Yahoo.

But again, it’s just a small test. Who knows if it will even become anything more?

In other Google ad news, they’ve added ad extensions as a ranking factor in Ad Rank, while also giving Ad Rank itself more weight.

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