Archive of Technology Articles
  • Creating an Effective Small Business Workspace
    A key factor in the success of many small businesses is the design of their primary workspace.... more
  • Optimizing Your Small Business Email Lists
    By taking steps to update and segment your email list, you can improve your results and turn email into a marketing platform that helps your small business grow.... more
  • Managing Digital Contacts
    Enhance your ability to organize data and communicate effectively by managing your digital contacts... more
  • Measuring Small Business Marketing Success
    Website analytics reports will advise you of what resonates with your audience.... more
  • Reinforcing Your Company's Website Security
    You may run a small company, but your firm is a big target for hackers. We have some tips for you.... more
  • Effective Small Business Pay-Per-Click Strategies
    If your small business is watching every advertising penny, you need to consider three letters, PPC, or Pay-Per-Click.... more
  • Optimizing Small Business Website Performance
    If you have a website for your small business, when was the last time you checked it for content. We have a plan on how you can improve your website.... more
  • Using Contract Workers to Help Your Small Business
    If your small business needs people with specific skills, but you are worried about long term financial issues, then consider using contract workers.... more
  • Offering Wi-Fi to Customers
    It may be time for your business to join the Wi-Fi revolution and offer your customers free online access from your place.... more
  • Promoting Your Small Business With Web Video
    Have you ever considered creating an online video to expand your company’s story?... more
  • Managing Online Reviews of Your Small Business
    A stream of positive reviews can provide important benefits in attracting potential customers - and negative comments can drive people away.... more
  • Tech Tools for Small Business Sales Teams
    Technology tools can provide leverage to help you coordinate information and tasks related to leads, prospects and current customers.... more
  • Protecting Data Against Natural Disasters
    It is critical to install procedures and technologies to protect critical data against accidental destruction or loss during a Natural Disaster.... more
  • Accepting Small Business Mobile Payments
    Mobile payments can allow a company to conduct business easily in locations where traditional cash registers may be impractical.... more
  • Maintaining Your Small Business Website
    It is important to regularly update your website’s content, appearance, and functionality to position your company in the best light possible.... more
  • Replacing a Laptop with a Tablet
    The need for either a tablet or a laptop varies among its users. Determine which functions you require and then choose which best suits your needs.... more
  • Your Customers and Prospects Are Probably on Facebook. How Do You...
    Facebook, when added to a company website, offers small business owners another excellent tool to really grow their profits.... more
  • Staying in Touch, Being Productive Working with Customers in Different Locations
    business use of the growing field of mobile technologies is now a real tool to help you grow your business.... more
  • Yesterday's Adviuce about Search Engine Optimization Is Outdated
    Optimize your web and social media content to help search engines find your company.... more
  • Online Services Can Fill Many of Your Company's Software Needs
    Cloud-based software provides a convenient and affordable alternative to using installed software.... more
  • Small Businesses Investing In Server Virtualization
    Small business owners are exploring virtualization technologies that help them reduce IT costs and increase productivity by improving servers’ performance... more
  • Small Businesses Exploring Mobile Device Management
    a number of cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) services are being explored by small business owners.... more
  • Protecting Your Small Business VoIP System From Hackers
    voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are growing in popularity among small business owners.... more
  • Mobile Playing Larger Small Business Marketing Role
    mobile marketing is playing a larger role in the success of many small businesses that serve local markets.... more
  • Mobile Collaboration Gaining Small Business Momentum
    collaboration is evolving from a focus on sharing files and information to communication and conversation playing a central role.... more
  • Managing Remote Small Business Teams Effectively
    a growing number of small business are forming virtual teams of workers that perform tasks alone or collaborate with other team members online.... more
  • Understanding Facebook EdgeRank
    EdgeRank is designed to help ensure the most interesting content finds its way to subscribers' news feeds, while uninteresting content largely goes unnoticed.... more
  • Small Businesses Tackling Distracted Driving
    a growing number of business owners are addressing the potential risks associated with using mobile devices improperly.... more
  • Small Businesses Leveraging Vine Videos
    The array of social media tools available to small businesses increased in early 2013 with the release of Vine, a short video service from Twitter.... more
  • Refreshing Your Small Business Website
    it is important to refresh your website periodically to reflect more recent design and technology trends.... more
  • Protecting Your Small Business Against Pirated Software
    Installing pirated or unauthorized software can expose a small business to a variety of risks... more
  • Digital Business Cards Make Networking More Effective
    It is more convenient to use a mobile application to exchange information electronically, or to digitize contact information stored on a printed business card.... more
  • Contact Management Key to Small Business Continuity
    continuity planning is managing the contact data your team members need to reach each other, customers, and vendors.... more
  • Cloud Small Business Financial Tools Going Mobile
    a variety of cloud-based tools and mobile apps have been developed to help you manage your company’s finances on the run.... more
  • Tech Upgrades Can Slash Small Business Energy Costs
    Upgrading technology can also result in significant increases in energy efficiency and reductions in energy-related costs.... more
  • Solid State Drives Gaining Small Business Momentum
    solid-state disk (SSD) drives’ marketplace acceptance has been hindered by higher prices and generally reduced availability.... more
  • Small Businesses Adopting Customer Self-Service Tools
    having commonly needed customer service information in one location helps team members find and share the required information quickly,... more
  • Mobile Faxing Saves Small Businesses Time and Money
    faxing still plays an important role in several industries... more
  • Improving Small Business Results With Market Research
    most companies would benefit from taking advantage of even basic levels of market research.... more
  • Wi-Fi in the Sky
    Wi-Fi can help you remain in contact with customers or team members while you are on the go.... more
  • Staying Productive With Time Management Apps
    To help small business owners and team managers take care of important tasks and manage their days effectively, a variety of time management apps have been developed.... more
  • SMS Marketing Boosts Small Business Revenue
    a growing number of companies are also finding success engaging customers with permission-based SMS, or text message, marketing efforts.... more
  • Mobile VPNs Enhance Small Business Security
    a growing range of mobile VPN applications have been developed that help secure connections and data being accessed on mobile devices.... more
  • Providing Real-Time Customer Service
    One of the most important aspects of effective customer service is being able to address questions and resolve problems quickly.... more
  • Mobile Payment Options Expanding for Small Business
    As mobile devices and applications play an ever-increasing role in the daily lives of consumers and businesses.... more
  • Mobile Expense Management Cuts Small Business Costs
    Mobile expense management apps offer a variety of ways to record and organize business related expense data.... more
  • Finding Small Business Prospects With Social Listening
    paying attention to social media discussions and offering advice can help business owners improve their ability to identify attractive prospects.... more
  • Creating an Effective Twitter Profile
    Your Twitter profile is an important element in your online engagement efforts because, in many cases, it’s one of the first things visitors will see... more
  • Cloud Support Options Expanding
    as cloud platforms attract a broader small business audience, the importance of being able to contact the service provider for support options is growing.... more
  • Backing Up Your Small Business Blog
    it's important to make sure the blog is included in your company's back up efforts.... more
  • Protecting Your Small Business With a Firewall
    For a small business, a firewall is an essential part of your network’s defenses against a variety of tech-related threats.... more
  • Responsive Design Helps Mobile Web Browsing
    Small business owners hoping to attract mobile traffic and customers have usually relied on separate versions of their companies’ websites... more
  • Protecting Small Business Data With Snapshots
    ... more
  • Developing Ideas for Your Small Business Blog
    Maintaining a small business blog on your company's website can provide powerful promotional benefits.... more
  • Backing Up Small Business Email Data
    small businesses should not overlook the content of email messages as they develop and implement their backup plans.... more
  • Tracking Your Small Business Website’s Performance
    it’s importantly to evaluate its performance periodically and to search for opportunities to improve specific elements within your site.... more
  • Tablet Document Management Gains Small Business Popularity
    a variety of tablet-specific document management applications and platforms are being released to help improve small business productivity and collaboration.... more
  • Small Business Website Speed Improvements Help Results
    optimizing the site to load quickly can pay important benefits for your search engine results and resulting traffic.... more
  • Protecting Your Company Against Cloud Outages
    it’s important for those companies to, at the same time, evaluate the potential implications of a cloud outage.... more
  • Keeping Your Mobile Device Charged on the Run
    smartphones and tablets are critical tools for accessing vital business data and applications remotely.... more
  • Hotels Adapting to Connected Business Travelers
    the hotel industry is responding with short-term meeting spaces designed to promote conductivity and collaboration.... more
  • Cloud Backups Help Protect Small Business Data
    One of the primary advantages that on the cloud backup services provide to small business owners is the fact that the backup runs automatically.... more
  • Cloud Account Management Helps Small Business Sales
    cloud account management tools are helping small business owners serve existing customers more effectively and target them for additional revenue.... more
  • Tablet Adoption Changing Wi-Fi Options for Travelers
    in the face of exploding tablet adoption that is also increasing bandwidth expenses for locations or facilities popular with business travelers.... more
  • Small Businesses Adopting Cloud File Editing
    As a growing number of small business owners adopt cloud computing platforms... more
  • Promoting Your Small Business Online Videos
    Once a video is posted, a number of steps will help you promote the video to increase not only the number of viewers... more
  • Planning Improves Small Business Tech Upgrades
    With technology and mobility playing an ever-increasing important role in the daily operations of most small businesses... more
  • Optimizing Small Business Content for Search Engines
    optimizing your small-business website content for search engines can provide a number of promotional benefits for your company.... more
  • Mobile CRM Gaining Small Business Traction
    customer relationship management (CRM) software is evolving to make it easier for users to create or edit information on the run.... more
  • Mobile Apps Improve Small Business Conference Calls
    a variety of smartphone and tablet apps are making conference calling easier and more efficient by offering features such as one-click calling and scheduling.... more
  • Examine Cloud Software Licenses Before Signing Up
    it’s important for you and your IT specialist to review the associated licensing agreements from the cloud.... more
  • Cloud Task Management Tools Improve Small Business Productivity
    ... more
  • Mobile Scanners Increase Small Business Productivity
    For a small business owner, a portable scanner can be a powerful tool that helps you capture and organize important data while you're on the go.... more
  • Mobile Apps Help International Business Travelers
    apps can help small business owners operating internationally overcome the common administrative and language hurdles... more
  • Managing Small Business Mobile Workers
    For small businesses with team members in diverse locations, technology plays an important role in bridging the geographical gaps and creating a unified staff.... more
  • Leveraging Social Media to Improve Your Public Relations Efforts
    small businesses can use social networking platforms to engage with reporters and publications covering their industry or community.... more
  • High-Tech Ways to Cut Small Business Energy Costs
    For a small business is owner, keeping a close eye on ongoing expensive is an important part of maintaining the overall economic health of your company... more
  • Using Landing Pages to Improve Online Campaigns
    a more effective option may be to create a dedicated page designed for a specific purpose that supports your online marketing efforts.... more
  • Understanding Your Small Business Website Tools
    it’s a good idea to understand the basics of how the site’s control panels and administrative features work.... more
  • Social Media and Mobile Threats Combining
    hackers are trying to combine the two to launch targeted attacks against small companies and their data.... more
  • Promoting Your Small Business With Video SEO
    To gain the maximum promotional benefit from your online video, you have to follow a number of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.... more
  • Promoting Your Small Business With Social Media Ads
    social networks also offer low-cost but highly targeted advertising services and options that can provide benefits to small businesses.... more
  • Mobile Scheduling Increases Small Business Productivity
    one of the most valuable ways a mobile device can help small business owners is by improving their ability to manage their schedule effectively.... more
  • Mobile Receipt Management Saves Time and Money
    a variety of mobile apps have been developed that record receipts quickly and easily... more
  • Mobile Payments Gaining Small Business Momentum
    For a growing number of small businesses, mobile devices offer a way to accept and process payment cards and checks from nearly anywhere... more
  • Increasing Small Business Marketing Effectiveness With CRM
    customer relationship management (CRM) can help small business owners centralize information about customers and prospects... more
  • Improving Small Business Security by Updating Your Software
    keeping software up-to-date and operating smoothly are a critical factor in protecting your company and its information.... more

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