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Q: What is Business Online Banking?

A: Business Online Banking is our suite of online banking products that will allow you to take care of almost all of your business banking needs over the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from one access point.

Q: What are the features of Business Online Banking?



  • Check your account balances
  • View real-time account activity
  • View images of checks cleared
  • View images of checks you’ve deposited
  • View Loans
  • Transfer money between your bank accounts
  • Create stop payments
  • Pay Bills
  • Initiate ACH transactions
  • Perform Wire Transfers
  • Make Commercial Loan Payments
  • Set up alerts for balances and transactions
  • Create your own customized alerts
  • Assign different levels of employee access and functionality
  • View Audit trail of transactions


  • View your bank statement online
  • Receive email notification when eStatement is available


  • Send and receive secure emails to the bank

Positive Pay

Automated check-matching service that helps prevent check-fraud

Secure File Transfer

Exchange files of any size with the bank in an encrypted communication channel


  • Electronic check recovery service
  • Recovers 100% of the face value of all checks collected electronically
  • Increases returned check collection rates
  • No cost to you, the customer

Online Reports

  • View monthly accounting reports online

Check Search

  • Electronically search for specific check copies that you’ve written

Q: What equipment do I need to use Business Online Banking?

A: To use Business Online Banking, any home computer with Internet access and a secure web browser will allow you to bank through our website. If you add the ability to initiate Wire Transfers and ACH transactions, you will need to have a special token to sign in.

Q: Can I access Business Online Banking with my Macintosh?

A: Yes, Business Online Banking is supported by Macs.

Q: Can I view my personal accounts with Business Online Banking?

A: Yes. With BusinessLink we offer you the ability to add your personal accounts. If you wish not to have your personal accounts within BusinessLink, we can set them up within banking@home, our personal online banking product.

Q: Can I select my own User ID and Password?

A: Yes. During the enrollment process, you will be asked what you would like to use as your User ID. You can use any User ID you wish, as long as the User ID is not being used by another client. When you login for the first time, you will be prompted to change your Password. for your own security, we recommend you do not use a password that may be easily guessed, such as your birth date or pet's name.

Q: What if I forget my User ID?

A: If you forget your User ID, please call our Technical Support telephone number listed on the sign-on page for Business Online Banking.

Q: What if I forget my Password?

A: If you forget your Password, you can use the Forgot Password link on the sign-in page to help you access your account. If you still need assistance, please call our Technical Support telephone number listed on the sign-on page for Online Banking.

Q: What is the Secret Word?

A: Secret Word gives you an added layer of protection for Online Banking. Along with your User ID and Password, each time you log on to Business Online Banking, you will be prompted to verify your Secret Word. You will want to memorize the Secret Word you selected when you set up Business Online Banking as you will need to locate that word each time you sign in.

Q: What is a Token?

A: A Token is used at sign-in for customers that initiate Wire Transfers and ACH transactions. A token is an added layer of security that generates a unique one time security code each time you login. Since your accounts cannot be accessed without both your login information (User ID and Password) and a Security Token, your online access will be protected by the highest level of security.

Q: What is One-Time PIN?

A: One-Time PIN is an option of added security you can choose to use if you have BusinessLink without Wire Transfers and ACH. The added layer of security utilizes a list that is generated of PIN numbers. We’ll supply the first half of the PIN and then you match up the PIN we give you with the list you have and provide the second half of the PIN. If you choose not to use One Time PIN, then you will need to utilize our Secret Word added layer of security.

Q: How much does BusinessLink Online Banking cost?

A: Business Online Banking is FREE. To utilize Business Bill Pay, there is a $6.95 per month charge and includes 20 bill payments free and each additional bill pay is $0.55. If you choose to add Wire Transfers and ACH, a Commercial Banking Services Representative will happily discuss the cost of those services with you.

Q: What is Business Bill Pay?

A: Business Bill Pay is a web-based service that provides you with a secure, convenient way to electronically initiate payments to businesses or individuals, saving having to buy checks from the bank.

Q: How much does Bill Pay cost?

A: Bill Pay for Business Online Banking customers is $6.95 per month. It includes 20 bill payments for free and each additional bill payment in excess is $0.55.

Q: Can I schedule payments ahead of time?

A: Yes. Schedule payments in advance—either one-time payments or recurring payments.

Q: How soon will a Bill Pay transaction get to the business/person that I sent it to?

A: It depends. Sometimes payments can be sent directly to a business electronically if we have a relationship set up with them. Other times, a check must be cut and mailed to them. Typically, if the item can be sent electronically, it will arrive in 1-2 business days. If the check has to be mailed, it may take up to 5 business days to arrive based upon the speed of mail delivery.

Q: How do I sign up for Business Online Banking?

A: To sign up for Business Online Banking, please visit any of our bank locations and speak with a Customer Service Representative.