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  • Five questions to ask a home inspector

    Purchasing a home and taking on a mortgage loan is a large financial investment.

    Questions to ask a home inspectorBuying a house and knowing what exactly you should expect in repairs and other defects is important; almost as important as hiring a knowledgeable inspector. Keep reading to know what questions you should ask before having your home inspected.

    1. "How long have you been doing home inspections?"
      According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentExternal-Link-Notification, an inspector should be experienced in residential inspections, and able to provide work history and references. Today, many inspectors work with a partner and are highly qualified. However, there are those few that conduct poor inspections and are not reputable inspectors. Your real estate agent can be a good source for recommendations.
    2. "Will the inspection you provide meet the set standards?" There are requirements that must be met for home inspections in every state as well as standards that are recognized by the National Association of Home Inspectors, according to the National Association of RealtorsExternal-Link-Notification. Read up on the recognized standards and pay close attention to the details the inspector lists. You should also be aware of the organizations that provide home inspections as there are some groups with questionable credentials.
    3. "Will I be able to attend the inspection?" A homebuyer is not only allowed to attend an inspection, but it is also a great opportunity to learn more about the house you are about to purchase. If an inspector tells you otherwise, this isn't someone you should hire to complete your inspection.
    4. "How much will the inspection cost and how long will it take?" Costs of a home inspection will vary greatly depending on several factors. The Housing and Urban Development Office does not regulate home inspection fees, meaning you should be aware of the quality of your inspection in comparison with the costs. Just because it was an expensive home inspection doesn't mean it was a good one.
    5. "How long will it take to receive a report after the inspection?" Most inspectors provide full reports within 24 hours of the inspection. But you must also recognize and be aware of the inspection that is being completed as that could possibly be a determining factor in how long it does or doesn't take to get the report on the inspection.