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    Was there anything specific that made you start liking the sports teams you root for now? Was it just innate? Was it where you grew up? Was it who your family cheered on? Or did you just like the team colors?

    For me, I became a Cardinals fan around the age of five. It's hard to forget the distinguishing moment when I chose to be a lifelong supporter. It was a warm summer day and the Cardinals were playing the Royals. My parents were watching the game on TV. My mom, growing up in Kansas City, was naturally a Royals fan. My dad, growing up in southwest Missouri, was a Cardinals fan. Being a little girl in kindergarten, I didn't know anything about any Major League Baseball teams or really anything about baseball for that matter, other than the fundamentals of t-ball.

    As a scheming five- year-old, I was constantly taking sides with each parent. So on the day I became a Cardinals fan, it was based off an opportunistic decision. Mom was sitting on the couch and dad was sitting in his recliner. My mom said if I wanted the Royals to win to sit with her or go sit with dad if I wanted the Cardinals to win. Some bribes might have been offered, but I whole-heartedly went to the recliner. From that day forward I have been loyal to the Cardinals. My mom has since been outnumbered and forced to attend games, purchase merchandise and pretty much convert teams all together.

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