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  • Current Employee Listing

    A company is only as strong as its employees. Our leadership team of seasoned executives has a track record of accomplishing objectives that can't be achieved effectively by individuals.

    James D. Judas, Jr., President/CEO

    James W. Mead, Senior Vice President/Chairman

    Jack A. Funderburk, Senior Vice President, NMLS #830186

    Kathy M. Herx, Senior Vice President

    Brent T. Murphree, Senior Vice President

    John R. Porth, Senior Vice President

    Dawn A. Arnold, Retail Officer

    Clayton D. Bentzen, Vice President/Central Investment Advisor

    Bridgette D. Bigelow, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #1374125

    Sarah J. Borgmann, Retail Officer

    Rick E. Caine, Vice President/Branch Manager

    Russell G. Clay, Vice President, NMLS #539490

    Doris E. Coleman, Vice President Marketing/Lake Classic Director

    Chalee B. Crouch, Vice President/Central Investment Advisor

    David C. Curchy, Assistant Vice President, NMLS #539511

    Tammy J. Darnall, Vice President/Human Resources

    Anna L. Diebold, Vice President, NMLS #830166

    Vonda S. Duncan, Assistant Vice President/Bookkeeping Supervisor

    Andrew T. Dunlap, Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #1600306

    Brian E. Gagnon, Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #1053937

    Anne M. Graves, Assistant Vice President/Assistant Branch Manager

    Tony L. Halderman, Assistant Vice President, NMLS #874863

    Shanel M. Howard, Assistant Vice President

    Pamela A. Huschle, Consumer/Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #539489

    Melanie K. Johnston, Consumer Loan Officer, NMLS #882135

    Carrie A. Judas, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #253804

    Kayla E. Langelier, Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #1677542

    Kathy A. Lawson, Assistant Vice President

    Michael J. Long, Consumer Loan Officer

    Christopher C. McElyea, Vice President/Branch Manager, NMLS #824766

    M. Khristina Pahlmann, Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager

    M. Tracy Peters, Branch Manager

    Todd A. Rader, Vice President

    S. Danielle Randle, Business Banking Officer

    Sandra R. Rice, Credit Analyst/Loan Review Officer

    Susan D. Riddell, Internal Appraisal Manager

    Charles F. Roonan, Jr., Security/Operations Officer

    Craig D. Roonan, Consumer Loan Officer, NMLS #830227

    Amanda N. Schepers, Branch Manager

    Mark J. Shellenberg, Vice President/Branch Manager, NMLS #862160

    Barbara S. Shepherd, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #539499

    Kendra M. Shields, Retail Officer

    Heather C. Snyder, Branch Manager

    Johna J. Stanfield, Assistant Vice President

    Elizabeth I. Sullivan, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #1681954

    Amanda G. Todd, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #1029126

    Tamara A. Witzman, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #907896

    Diane S. Young, Loan Operations Officer