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Money Manager - How to Create a Personalized Budget

Budget and Save

Create your personal budget, and maximize your money never before. Money Manager helps you track your spending by automatically categorizing your transactions.

To get started, click “Budget” from the menu.

First, create a spending target. Your spending targets allow you track your transactions by categories: utilities, transportation, entertainment, dining out, or, your own custom category. Your transactions are automatically categorized into the specific spending target based on purchase location and merchant category.

Enter the tags you would like to track. You can link one or more tags to each spending target.

What would you like to call the overall spending target?

Set your monthly limit.

Select which accounts you would like spending target to consider.

Set up an alert to keep an eye on when you’re getting close to your target amount via text message or email.

Finish by clicking “Add Spending Target.”

You can double check the category for each transaction by monitoring them in your dashboard and editing as needed.

Use the progress bar to monitor where you stand with your overall monthly budget, including all spending targets. View each spending target specifically for transactions details or to edit or delete the category.

Create additional Spending Targets to track other transaction categories and to complete your budget for a full picture.

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