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Money Manager: Set and Track Your Financial Goals

Budget and Save

Money Manager helps you monitor your current financial goals and plan for the future!

To get started select from a common savings or payoff goal listed. You can also create your own custom goal by selecting the “Custom Savings Goal” option from the list.

Customize your goal with a name and an image.

When adding a savings goal, select the account you would like associated with your goal and the dollar amount you would like to save. You can choose to apply the entire account balance to your goal or keep a cushion amount in your account.

Choose a completion date for reaching your goal or how much you are able to save each month. If you choose the second option, a date will be automatically calculated for you in your goal summary. You can adjust the date or amount as necessary, to stay on track with your time frame.

Money Manager can notify you of your goal progress via text message or email.

Review your goal summary and click “Create Savings Goal.”

When adding a payoff goal, select the loan or credit card you would like to pay off. Choose a completion date or how much you are able to pay each month, just as you did when creating a savings goal.

Add your goals to your main dashboard to keep an eye on where you stand.


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