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Make My Money Work HarderSM

It’s your life. Manage, move, and maximize your money with smarter financial decisions. 

We’re all on our own financial journey. No matter where you’re at in life, your success is dependent on your ability to address your financial needs encountered along the way. Whether you’re graduating college or starting a family, it’s time to take control and manage, move, and maximize your money to make smarter financial decisions.

There are two essentials you should always have in place – a Checking Account and an Emergency Fund.

A Checking Account and an Emergency Fund are the foundation of a successful financial plan. Once you have these two in place, you are ready to tackle any life event coming your way. 


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I’m Starting My First Job

Your first step into the real world is an exciting time. There is so much to learn and do. It’s one of the most important periods to plan for your financial future, because you have time on your side.


I’m Changing Jobs

Today people are changing jobs more often than ever before. A job change can offer the exciting prospect of new opportunities. At the same time, there are many factors to consider before you make your move. 

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I’m Buying My First Home

Nothing quite compares with the pride and excitement that comes with home ownership. For most, it’s the biggest single purchase you’ll ever make. Move with confidence by understanding all of your options.


We’re Getting Married

Marriage is typically surrounded by ceremony and celebration. Finances, insurance, and taxes may not be top-of-mind at this time, but it is important to pause and make sure you have the details covered.  

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We’re Starting a Family

Congratulations! Your family is about to get a little bigger! With the rewards of children, come the added responsibility and a brand new set of financial priorities. Your child’s future depends on you. 


I’m Starting a Business

The decision to become your own boss is huge step. But with the right financial partner, you can help ensure you will avoid the pitfalls associated with getting your business up and running. 

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I’m Single Again

Whether it’s the result of death, separation, or divorce, becoming single again can be a painful and difficult process. It’s important you are prepared to evaluate the situation and make smart decisions.


I’m Receiving an Inheritance

An inheritance can seem like a fairly straightforward event, but there are things to consider depending on the size of the inheritance and how it affects your financial situation. It’s important to consider all of the ramifications. 

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I’m Sending My Child to College

With the continually rising costs associated with a college education, it’s not unusual for parents to find they don’t have enough money saved to pay for it all. The good news is there are still options available to help make the cost of a college education more affordable. 


I’m Becoming an Empty Nester

They grow up and they leave. You know the day is coming, but it’s something you put off thinking about. This is a time to take a good look at where you are and make adjustments to account for the changes in your life and prepare for the next adventure. 

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I’m Five to Ten Years from Retirement

You can envision a time not too far from now when you’ll have more say over your time. Maybe you’ll travel, volunteer, or even start a second career. Now is the time to start thinking about the things you’ll need in place to make sure it’s what you envision. 


I’m Selling My Business

You’ve worked hard to build your company and now you want to transition out of business ownership. There are many things to consider, from how you will be paid to what you want to do with the proceeds. 

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I’m Retiring

You’re at the threshold of a major milestone. No matter what your retirement will be, there should be a sense of accomplishment, as well as anticipation about what life can be from this point forward. Put your plan in place that takes into account your specific needs, your unique goals, and your personal dreams.