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5 tips to writing e-mail subject lines that work

E-mail subject lines are vitally important to engaging your consumer with direct marketing. In fact, 47 percent of e-mail recipients open e-mails based on the subject line alone [1]. If you’re knowledgeable and able to craft engaging e-mail subject lines, you have the potential to reach a wide amount of people and achieve your conversion goals.

1. Be simple and concise.
Simplicity is key when writing e-mail subject lines. Avoid trying to think of a clever subject line and stick to conveying the key information in the e-mail. Keep it short and sweet. 21 percent of people will open an e-mail with a subject line that has six to 10 words, but only 9 percent of people will open an e-mail with 21-25 words [1].

2. Evoke emotions.
When you make the consumer feel happiness, joy, or excitement, their curiosity is piqued. Eliciting any kind of emotion from the reader tempts the reader into opening your e-mail. A few go-to suggestions for eliciting an emotional response from consumers are including ellipsis, using a list or interesting stat, or posing a question [2].

3. Remember relevant keywords.
Keywords are an important aspect to remember in almost all digital optimization situations. Words that are used a lot in the body of your e-mail should also be present in your subject line. If you've successfully achieved a conversion from your customer, they may want to come back to the e-mail you sent them that prompted the conversion. Utilizing keywords in your subject line will make it easier for the customer to search their inbox and come back to the content they enjoyed.

4. Avoid being sales-y.
Coming off sales-y can rub the consumer in the wrong way. Try to avoid using any superlatives in your subject line. Words such as “perfect” and “good” reduce open rates by 28 percent [3]. Convey the quality of your work without plugging too much. Additionally, avoid talking about sales. Almost every store has sales, so it's not necessarily noteworthy. Words such as “% off,” “deals,” or “sale ending soon” often trigger the spam folder.

5. Engage the recipient.
Finally, e-mails that include personalization are highly successful. Using a recipient's first and last name has increased open rates by nearly 33 percent [4]. This is true in all areas of the market except for the legal industry. Engaging the customer through personalization makes the consumer feel a deeper connection with your brand.

E-mail marketing may seem like only a blip on your marketing radar, but it has more of an impact than you think. Nailing down the subject line and successfully initiating click-throughs will be worth it in the end - whether than means getting a wide reach on your content or achieving a conversion.

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