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4 Tips to Prepare Your Kids to go Back to School

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Summer is flying, and school is starting sooner than you think!

Make sure to start preparing kids for school now instead of waiting a week in advance. This will make the transition back to their school routine less tough when school actually begins. Here are some things you can do before summer break ends to help your kids get back into the swing of things.

1. Start easing into a new sleep schedule. No one likes trying to wake up a cranky child or teenager for their first day back to school. Two weeks before school is back in session, begin easing them into a new sleep schedule. Start enforcing earlier bedtimes and decrease their bedtime by 10 or 15 minutes every few nights. Organized Home says to begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they'll need to rise when school begins [1].

2. Create a calendar before classes start. To keep the first week back to school less hectic, look into your kid's school and out-of-class extracurricular actives and set up a calendar of everything. You can set up a white board that is easily changeable, a paper calendar everyone can see, or your own personal planner on your computer. Whichever calendar you choose, choose the one that best suits your family.

3. Don't overcommit yourself or your kids. Signing up for the PTA and to be your kids soccer coach may seem like a good idea, but once the school year starts, it may overwhelm you. Also, when signing up your kids for a sport, the scouts, and volunteer work, consider how much time everything will really take. Try to sign up for only two things that you can really commit to, allowing you and your kids to get the most out of it without too much stress [2]. You can always join something else if you know you can handle it later.

4. Lay out EVERYTHING the night before. One of the most time consuming tasks when getting ready is picking out outfits and packing everything together. When school starts, have everything from outfits to backpacks organized and laid out the night before. This can save you a lot of time and headache in the morning when rounding everyone up to leave.

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