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How Millennials View Healthcare: What You Need to Know

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As of 2015, millennials officially have the largest share of the workforce [1]. These young individuals are excelling and you should be getting prepared to work with them professionally.

They have different views than their Generation X predecessors, especially when it comes to health. Here’s how healthcare providers should be prepared to adjust for millennials.

The days of filling out forms in the office are coming to an end. Many millennials appreciate the option to complete forms online before their appointment in order to cut out some of the in-office time. If you want to attract this generation, you're going to want to provide convenience at every turn. That means possibly extending your hours so that they can come in after work, offering online bill paying, or even providing virtual appointments.

Because they are potentially just beginning their careers, millennials are often less willing to spend money than other generations. 41 percent of millennials ask for estimates before making medical decisions, compared to only 18 percent and 21 percent of seniors and baby boomers, respectively [2]. Be informative not only about the costs, but also your standing among your competitors. Millennials choose their hospital based on its reputation and recommendations from others.

Defining Healthy
Millennials view health differently from their parents and grandparents, down to the very definition of the word. Previous generations are more likely to associate healthiness with “not being sick,” while millennials think more of eating smart and exercising. They're concerned with maintaining their daily wellness, rather than making it in for their check-up. Preventative care is vital, but millennials tend to prefer a daily run over a visit to the doctor's office [3]. In order to help them be healthy, it's important to understand their ideology.

Times are changing and the people are changing with them. If you want to stay relevant in the healthcare industry, you need to keep up with the ever-evolving demographic. Meet the millennials where they're at-understand their financial situation, their definition of healthy, and their time constraints.

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