Marketing to marketers

Your entire job involves selling to consumers, but what are you supposed to do when you have to sell to other people who sell and market products? Are there better ways to relate to marketers that differentiate from the ways you relate to consumers?

Focus on them
Marketers are used to taking care of everyone else all of the time. Focus on them. Build relationships to help foster a foundation for future business. LinkedIn suggests you let them know how you plan to help their customers, their company, and their team. Identify ways that you can add value to their company [1]. As a fellow marketer, you can recognize how busy marketers are and how often they get bombarded with people who want things from them, so give them a reason why they should listen to you.

Find the right outlet
Since about 91 percent of marketers use LinkedIn for professional uses, this is one of the easiest ways to connect with other marketers. Also consider traditional media outlets. Last year Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Marketing Pros, Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal were the top rated business journals professionals visited. Once you have made a deeper connection, email can be one of your best friends. Reaching out to marketers directly in their email takes away their need to do research on their own [2]. Finding the right outlet is important for ensuring your message gets heard.

Communicate with public relations
When it comes to reaching out, think about your public relations personnel. They are usually the ones that are sending out press releases and setting up interviews for your company. If your public relations department does a good job, you could get spotlighted in one of the traditional outlets mentioned above, catching the eyes of other professionals in the industry. This is one of the best ways to gain attention for your company, as it is perceived to be highly credible [2]. Not to mention, other companies might reach out to you simply because you were mentioned in an article.

Be a presenter
Marketing to a marketer means that you are under a little more pressure. You can either really impress someone or ruin your chances of having a relationship with them. So show them your skills. Keep it simple and don't talk over their heads. If your friend wouldn't understand what you're trying to say, don't try and present it to a marketer. Keep it interesting. It's alright to be funny and make people laugh-it's actually encouraged. No one ever won you over by showing you spreadsheets, so don't expect others to want to see this. And wow them with your service. Be attentive and polite, the way you would hope to be treated if the situation was reversed [1].

Thought Leadership
The phrase “thought leader” is thrown around a lot and for good reason. Thought leader is the idea that someone's words or point of view is representative of a population. If you're seen as a thought leader, people are going to come to you and your company for advice and guidance. So create content that portrays you as a thought leader. Explore topics and give your company's opinion and advice on it. This is where content marketing can help you. Creating content that is both interesting and informative can be difficult, but this is what you should strive for [2]. Don't wait for other companies to start a conversation that you can react to, start the conversation on your own.

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