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  • Using Pokémon℠ GO to attract more customers to your business

    If you haven’t heard yet, Pokémon™ GO has taken over the gaming industry on mobile devices. If you visit any park or historical walkway, you will most likely see kids and adults looking down at their phones walking back and forth along the sidewalks at all hours of the day. These individuals are looking for virtual animals called Pokémon, short for “pocket-monster”.

    Pokemon Go

    This game allows its users to search for Pokémon in multiple parts of the world, and different Pokémon are found at different locations. Water Pokémon are found near water, grass Pokémon by grass, and at night there are ghost Pokémon. Even if you don't fully grasp the game, understanding how this augmented reality game can actually increase foot traffic to your business and bring you new customers is what you need to know. There are three main ideas from Pokémon GO that you should take advantage of for your business.

    In Pokémon GO there are spots all over cities, towns, and parks that players can visit to earn needed items like Pokéballs, eggs, and other elements needed to continue to play the game. These stops are all outside, to add the element of having to actually go outside and walk around to play the game.

    PokéStops were chosen previous to the games release in July of 2016. Many stops are at historic landmarks or close to areas that can allow high foot traffic like walkways. If your business is lucky enough to have one of these PokéStops outside of it you are already ahead of the game.

    If you want to apply for a PokéStop to be placed somewhere around your business visit Niantic Labs website to submit a request. If they are not currently accepting requests, keep checking back every day to see if they will open the window again. Currently the time is unknown when they will be taking requests again. If/when you do submit a request, the time for how long, or if ever, your request will be read and returned with an answer is also unknown, but if you don't attempt to have a PokéStop placed near you, you will never get one.

    Lure Modules
    If your business is lucky enough to already have a PokéStop outside of it, you can easily attract customers playing Pokémon GO by using a Lure Module. Lure Modules can be placed on a PokéStop and attract more Pokémon to that location for 30 minutes.

    When a Lure Module is placed on a PokéStop, players will be able to see pink petal-like spots floating at this PokéStop, notifying them that they have a higher chance of catching more Pokémon there. This will cause an influx of users outside of your business, and can also boost foot traffic into your business. If you are a restaurant, gamers will come and eat at your business just to be able to sit and catch Pokémon for 30 minutes while having a snack. Some businesses have put up signs saying that Pokémon are for customers only.

    To use a Lure Module on a PokéStop near your business, you must first download the Android and IOS app and set up an account. Upon downloading you are automatically given two free Lure Modules. Each Lure Module costs .99 cents, a very small price to pay for a new form of advertising for businesses.

    A Gym in Pokémon works very similar to a PokéStop. The difference between the two is that players will stay at this location to battle for control of the gym using their Pokémon on their phones, and you can't place a Lure Module on a Gym. This will attract more people to your business's location, but could keep them there for an unwanted amount of time at all hours of the day.

    Pokémon GO is just the beginning to a new virtual world of gaming, and a new way for businesses to lure more possible customers to their location.

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