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Why Sending Your Kids to Summer Camp is a Good Thing

Budget and Save

With children now growing up in a highly digital world, day and sleepaway camps are a great way for them to experience the outdoors and learn to socialize, while making friends in a fun environment. Although it can be hard to say goodbye to your kids for an extended period of time, know that they will be having a blast with new friends and the camp counselors.

Boosts Independence and Social Skills - When kids are at camp, they don't have their parents there to help them go up and talk to new people and make new connections [1]. At camp, kids are able to learn how to willingly talk to new people and work together in teams. In a safe environment supervised by camp staff, children get to learn to make their own decisions that allows them to quickly overcome their constant need for parental dependency [2].

Gets Your Kids Active - There is never a dull moment at camp. In the American Camp Association's 2014 annual report, they stated that 226 kids engage in intense activity every minute at camps across the U.S. [3]. Kids will be participating activities both outside and inside that keep them constantly on their feet. This could be canoeing, playing capture the flag, swimming, basketball, archery, and other camp games with the staff.

Develops New Interests - At camp kids get to explore things they never would have considered or had the opportunity to try at home. Many camps ban cell-phones and computers, so kids can truly take advantage of all that summertime at camp has to offer them [1]. With all the different activities kids get to experience at camp, they are bound to try something new that could stick with them for the rest of their life.

Diversifies Your Children - At camp kids will meet children that they may never get to meet through school or their regular sports teams. Kids are exposed to others who may do things differently and have different beliefs. This can be from the other campers who live in different states, and from the staff who are their role models for the time they are at camp.

Creates Lasting Memories - When your kids return home they won't be able to stop talking about all of their camp adventures. Camps teach them so much more than how to make a bracelet and sing campfire songs. Your kids will thank you for sending them to camp when they get back as kids, and when they are recalling another memory as an adult. Many will also create lifelong friends.

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