• A man using his debit Mastercard to make a purchase online
  • Your EMV Chip Card: A Few Tips to Remember

    Credit and debit cards across the country now have the added benefits of an embedded microchip. This gives you increased protection against counterfeit card fraud.

    With a new card, comes a new process. When in doubt while using your chip card, simply follow the prompt on the terminal. The prompt will either have you sign or enter your PIN.

  • Check out this list of handy tips when it comes to using your new chip card:

    • Never, ever reveal your PIN. As with some new technology, merchant staff may not be well versed in how the new technology works. It is NEVER ok to give someone your PIN. Always enter the number yourself.
    • Memorize your PIN. It’s important that you memorize your PIN and never write it down. You’ll be required to enter your PIN when making a purchase at most EMV-enabled terminals.
    • When in doubt, swipe first. Many merchants have not enabled their EMV chip readers so they will need to read your magnetic strip. If the terminal is enabled, it will instruct you to insert the card and leave it there until the transaction is completed.
    • Pay attention to ATM screens and follow directions. As you use ATMs, you will also find that some of these don’t have chip readers. That means you must pay attention. Newer ATM card readers require you to insert your chip card and leave it in there until the transaction is completed. Don’t panic when the new machine keeps your card during this process.
    • Have some patience. You’re learning this new technology at the same time as the merchants.

    There are many benefits to this new chip technology, particularly in preventing counterfeit fraud. Just take your time learning the new processes and ask questions. We’re happy to help.

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