Positive Pay for Businesses

With multiple layers of protection, cutting-edge verification algorithms and clear communication, Positive Pay will help eliminate your risk of check fraud.

  • Substantially limit liability and exposure to check fraud
  • Prevent paying a check with an error or altered payee name
  • Keep stale-dated, voided or stop-pay checks from being paid
  • Online access to view activity, place stop payments, add checks, and determine if exceptions should be paid
  • Protect against counterfeit or duplicated checks


To learn more or implement Positive Pay for your business, contact a business banking representative at (866) 236-8744 or stop by any location to get started.

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How does Positive Pay work?

  1. Log into Positive Pay and key the check number, date issues, check amount, and payee name of all check written or issued for the day
  2. We’ll match the check number and amount of the check issued with the check presented for payment
  3. Any discrepancies in a check’s information triggers a red flag that the check might have been altered
  4. You’ll review the check for any discrepancies and decide if the check is authorized for payment

Add an extra layer with Payee Positive Pay

If you need a higher level of defense against check fraud, you can add Payee Positive Pay to your existing Positive Pay solution. The payee on the check image is read through a highly specific algorithm, verified, and compared to the issued file you provide.

Payee Positive Pay uses advanced technology to analyze each check’s handwriting and the “Pay To The Order Of” line.