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Fun fact: Bo never missed a day of school from kindergarten through 12th grade.

To him, being present, in the moment, is what life is all about.

And that’s the mindset he has with your mortgage.

In banking since 2008, Bo takes a detailed, comprehensive approach to determining what mortgage works best for you. He then communicates this information and answers EVERY LAST QUESTION you have. You get to your closing date with confidence, and you’re ready for the next stage in your life. It’s a great feeling.

In his spare time, Bo and his wife have twin daughters that keep them on their toes! Plus, their son plays hockey for Mizzou! Other than trying to keep up with his kids, Bo enjoys new music, woodworking and playing tennis.

Talk to Bo today about your next home loan. Because, in the moment, when you need him most, Bo has perfect attendance.

Bo with wife and kids
Bo hiking with wife Bo with wife and 3 kids

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