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We have solutions available to help with refinance and mortgage loans. If you’re needing assistance with your mortgage, we’re here to help.
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Let us handle your mortgage payments

You don't have to remember due dates or write a check. We'll do it for you! We will automatically pull funds from your account when your mortgage payment is due, if you enroll in Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. All you need is your routing and account number.

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How to find your routing and account number

Routing number

Routing numbers are the first set of numbers on the lower left corner of a check. You should remember that routing numbers are 9-digit codes and that the symbol around the numbers on a check is not part of the routing number. A routing number, or transit number, is publicly available and may vary by region.

Account number

Your account number follows the character symbol immediately after your routing number. You will only find this number on your personal checks or when you log in to your online account - it is private and unique to your bank account.

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