Purple flowers for Alzheimer's awareness by Central Bank sign

Central Bank’s Community Involvement

At Central Bank, we’re dedicated to investing in the communities we serve.

We live and work in the same community as you, and believe it’s important to be part of a worthwhile cause that creates a positive impact.

100 Years of Community Culture

Our employees enjoy donating time and volunteer hours as often as possible, which is why we’re happy to compensate time to foster community involvement. We believe volunteering improves morale, allows for meaningful conversations, and connects us to our community.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to build relationships with fellow employees, and those within our community!

central bank employees at Walk for Alzheimers
central bank employees unloading boxes from The Food Bank truck

Part of the Same Community as You

We want to make a difference, and think it’s important to be a part of a cause that betters our surroundings.

Our service roots run deep in the communities we serve, and it shapes our culture. We’re committed to serving our community – whether it’s driven by our location, or through shared experiences, values, or goals.

Building Financial Health of Communities

We’re part of the same community as you, and care about contributing to the world around us. We invest our time, effort, energy, and resources to build and maintain the financial health of our communities.

We are proud to support affordable housing, financial wellness and education, and donate time and money annually to charitable organizations. We’re gratified to partner with organizations who share our commitment to serving every community within our reach.

central bank employees setting up food under pavillion
large sign for the United Way in the shape of a shoe

Involvement in Charities and Organizations

Central Bank serves and volunteers on more than 2,000 local non-profits and agencies across our footprint every year.