It's a good time to be kind.

In Spring 2023, Central Bank recognized 6 people who make the University of Kansas a better place through their everyday kindness! We awarded $300 to University of Kansas students, faculty, and staff who are making the community a better place. View those winners below.

Cornelius Baker

Cornelius Baker shows kindness around campus by being supportive and making students feel comfortable, especially inside of the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity office. He helps students get involved and feel included on campus and he is a great listener.

Bailee Myers

Bailee Myers shows kindness around campus by going above and beyond her position in the Union to ensure student success and strives to help others grow around her. Not only does she help her own students, but anyone who comes into the Union with questions or concerns.

Erin Kelley-Garrison

Erin Kelley-Garrison shows kindness around campus by truly getting to know her staff and students personally and making them feel at home. She goes out of her way to seek out resources to help students on campus and is always finding ways to show her generosity.

Makenna Carpenter

Makenna Carpenter shows kindness around campus by always lending a hand and helping those in need around her, even when they may be a stranger. Makenna went out of her way to help a freshman roommate get settled in who was new to campus and college life and positively impacted her journey on campus.

Michael Doll

Michael Doll shows kindness by making sure everyone’s voice on campus is heard. IT Classroom Support is a crucial job on campus, especially during the switch from in-person to online classes, he provided exceptional customer service and showed kindness wherever he went.

A special thank you to those who nominated the winners, and we hope you continue to spread kindness throughout campus!