About Us

Central Technology Services (CTS) started with humble beginnings as the Central Data Company in 1967. At the time technology was growing and banking was changing, causing two employees using a $300,000 computer to become to technological support team for all of Central Bank. As technological changes progressed over the years, so too did CTS. By the 1990’s the company’s growth continued and required the team to move to a 43,000 square foot space that served as the Data Processing and Operations Center. A few years later, in 1998, Central Bancompany formally created Central Technology Services, Inc. by reorganizing the Data Processing and Operations division to become a separate affiliate under the Central Bank umbrella.

The technology and website boom of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s called for more growth within CTS. Additional hiring and technology needs resulted in a 50,000 square foot expansion of CTS’s existing Jefferson City headquarters. The new expansion and remodel created an optimal opportunity to strategically design CTS to be a world-class and attractive workspace for current and future employees. The company knew technology and banking needs would continue to grow, causing CTS to be built with future expansion and more employees in mind.

Today, CTS supports the ongoing needs of Central Bancompany with a workforce of over 250 individuals performing both technology and centralized operational functions.

CTS strives to attract world class talent and is always seeking individuals to join the team to collaborate on: cybersecurity, cloud-based application support, system integration, robotics, application development, server and PC support, project management, quality assurance, payment processing, loan system support, fraud management, and end user training and support.

Notable technology milestones:

  • Deployed the company's first Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

  • Launched Internet Banking for customers to access 24/7

  • Launched Mobile App

  • Money Manager (Personal Financial Management Tools)

    Remote Deposit Capture

  • Person-to-Person Payments

  • Paperless Branch

  • First Video Teller Machines (VTM) go live

    Online and Mobile Redesign with Responsive Technology

  • Launched HSA Central as the Banks Health Savings Account solution

Our Mission:

To provide modern and innovative technology and operational services that exceed the expectations of our customers.