Health Savings Accounts for Corporate & Government Entities

Assist your employees with managing their health care costs now and in the future.

Central Bank’s experts are available to assist you with every aspect of HSA implementation with your company.  We offer a dedicated team of representatives who will assist with enrollment, eligibility, reporting and employee communication. Plus, we offer multiple account funding options.

An HSA offers many benefits to an employer:

  • Lower health insurance premiums – high deductible health plan premiums are typically lower than traditional plans.
  • Tax savings for the company – contributions to your employee HSAs are excluded from the company’s gross income and not subject to withholding from income tax or other employment taxes.
  • Health insurance carrier neutral – if your company chooses a different health insurer, your employees can keep their accounts and avoid the cost and hassle of transferring them.
  • More choice for employees – money saved in premiums can be used to fund their HSAs, so they decide how health care dollars are spent.
  • Savings for the future – Employees can use HSAs to save for future health care expenses by investing and growing those funds.

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