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    • Payments & Disbursements

      Payments are required to make your company run and keep you in good standing with your payees. We have several payment solutions for you to choose from and will help you choose the right one for your business.

      Maximize your vendor, supplier, and employee relationships with one of our many payment solutions. Reduce your costs and maximize your cash flow with controlled timing and the highest level of security.

    • Contact a business banking representative at 573.634.1111 or stop by any location to get started.

      Find the right solution for your business. Get started with Business Analyzer today and have your answer within minutes.

    • ACH Transactions
      Simplify your payment process with electronic transfers to and from your business accounts.
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      Wire Transfers
      Transfer funds to domestic and international destinations quickly and securely.
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      Commercial Payments
      We’ll streamline your accounts payable process with no cost to you.
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      Positive Pay
      Detect and prevent check fraud with Positive Pay, our automated check-matching service.
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      Commercial Credit Card
      The card that gives you the control and functionality at your fingertips.
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