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Jared Dickey

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Jared is into Stephen King. He’s read nearly all his books and loves the attention to detail King brings to each story. By creating theater of the mind, you can almost see everything in King’s books as you read them. And that’s enough to really get your attention (and make you leave the light on at night!)

Which brings us to Jared. He’s not an author (that we know of), but knows how to handle the details. Especially when it comes to your mortgage. Since becoming a mortgage lender in 2002, Jared has excelled with all different customers with different needs, but he particularly enjoys working with Rural Development loans or first-time home buyer loans, because he loves helping people buy their first homes.

Contact Jared today. He’s got an eye on the details and has your best interests in mind. Plus, he’s not scary at all!

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