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Jayme Waddington

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Abraham Lincoln said it best. 

“Honesty is the best policy.”

That’s Jayme’s philosophy, too.  To her, anything else is just a shortcut.  The key to building long lasting relationships is to always tell the truth.  Without trust, any kind of relationship is doomed to fail.  That’s what Jayme brings to you and your mortgage loan.  And she really doesn’t have a choice, that’s just how she is wired. 

Jayme has a very strong knowledge of specific loan types, so she finds the loan that is right for you.  She is a military spouse, so VA loans are some of her favorite to do, but she is well versed in all loan types.  She’ll figure out your best options, and then, she is totally upfront and transparent about what she knows is best for you.

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She’s a straight shooter.

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