Dollar Bill Kids Club


Teaching financial literacy through community, relationships, and fun.

The Benefits of Saving Early

Opening a savings account at a young age not only teaches children how to save money, but also the basics of banking.

Saving now will create long-term habits that will send your child off into a financially responsible future. The best financial lessons come from everyday life. Look for opportunities to talk about money with your kids throughout the day, and turn to your local bankers whenever you have questions.

The Perks of Dollar Bill Kids Club

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Dollar Bill Days

Dollar Bill Days – Learning the Basics of Banking

The 3rd Friday and Saturday of the month, club members can stop by any of our branches to deposit money into their account. Members will receive an activity sheet and a prize.

This gives children a chance to meet bank staff and develop relationships with people in their community.

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Super Saver Card

Dollar Bill customers are given a Super Saver Punch card and are encouraged to make deposits into their savings account. Once they get 10 deposits, they are eligible for a super saver prize.

Super Saver Card

Members Only Events

Being a member means being invited to exclusive events which can include movie night, Breakfast with Santa, and so much more!
Be sure to check with your local branch to find out what is happening in your area.

Members Only Events

  1. Youth account holders are required to have a joint account with someone over 18 years of age.
    We reserve the right to not open accounts for customers outside our market area. Back to content