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Kyle Fisher

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Meet Kyle.

He’s not your normal Mortgage Loan Officer.  He’s a Mortgage Loan Officer who really enjoys obsessing over the details. 

That’s right, Kyle lives to dot every “I” and cross every “T”.  It’s his calling in life. 

He doesn’t spell it “OCD”.  He spells it “CDO”, because that is in alphabetical order. 

While this may seem a bit weird, it’s a good thing when it comes to your mortgage. 

Because details matter.  Kyle will go over all your loan options, understand your specific needs, and then, make your mortgage happen quickly and efficiently, each step of the way. 

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys traveling and experiencing new places with friends and family. 

While at home, he loves doing anything with his hands, like gardening, cooking, woodworking, and home remodeling.  And he does it all with a meticulous attention to detail, just like your home loan. 

Contact him today.

He’s got the details on lockdown.

Let's talk, send me a quick message.

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