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4 Apps to Help You Update Your Home


Renovating your home in the past was likely filled with tears, paint, and sweat. But with the help of many mobile apps, your remodeling experience can become exponentially better!

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Eliminate the anxiety of amping up your home by using the following apps to create your dream space.

1. RoomScan

RoomScan is an app that allows you to create a layout of your floor space. Simply pull up the app and place it on the wall until you hear a beep, then continue to the next wall, and the next, until you come back to the wall you started at. In a matter of seconds, it will pull up the floor plan of your room. This app can create a full floor plan of your house that will aid in any alterations you make to your home; such as taking out a wall, changing locations of a living or dinning space, or even planning a layout for the furniture.

2. Houzz

The Houzz app is the perfect tool to reference when redecorating your home. The app allows you to see furniture on Houzz in your own space by using the “View in My Room” feature, which creates a three-dimensional model that is overlaid on the image of your room via your phone's camera. See how furniture goes with your color scheme, plan out where new purchases will go, and don't worry any longer about blindly buying that new piece online.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a classic go-to for brainstorming your redecorating ideas. With a multitude of other users posting their own DIY decorations and color combinations, Pinterest is the best muse to get the ideas flowing. The majority of pins will include information on where specific pieces were purchased, as well as instructions for DIY projects that you want to create for your home.

4. Photo Measures.

Photo Measures is an app that enables you to take a picture of the room that you intend to refurbish and draw measurements across project areas. For instance, this app would come in handy if you are replacing the cabinets in your kitchen and you need to measure the width and height of the old ones to know what kind of space you're working with. Photo Measures not only has the measurements recorded, but a visual to show what the measurement matches up with, and how the new piece would fit in. Now when you go to the hardware store you not only have an image of the space, but the measurements to help you make it happen.

Make your renovation experience affordable and easy with this list of apps. Because after all, there's no use crying over a little spilled paint.


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