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5 Vacay Spots Sure to Interest Your Grown Children

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Vacations with small children usually consist of days filled with amusement parks, water parks, or zoos. It can be a challenge to travel long distances and cram everything into your short time frame while still making it enjoyable for your kids and yourself. No one wants to wish their children’s childhood years away, of course, but you have a lot more options for a vacation of a lifetime when they’re grown.

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Here are five vacation spots sure to be a good time for you and your grown kids:

1. Seattle, Washington
Seattle is known as the “crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest” for good reason. The most notable areas to visit are downtown Seattle and the waterfront. Downtown you can find places like the Pike Place Market, Seattle's most popular attraction, and Pioneer Square, the first neighborhood that has a rich history of the Renaissance revival. Visit the Seattle Great Wheel and the aquarium on the waterfront [1].

2. Dublin, Ireland
There's so much to see and do in the capital city of Ireland. If you're a family of history buffs, it would be worth your while to stop at Kilmainham Gaol or St. Patrick's Cathedral. If you enjoy Star Wars, visit Trinity College. The Book of Kells is held in the “Long Room,” which was actually in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones [2]. Dublin is one of the most walkable European spots, so make sure you pack your best tennis shoes and take advantage!

3. Key West, Florida
Located at the southernmost tip of Florida, Key West boasts more than beautiful beach views. Harry S. Truman and Ernest Hemingway are just a few familiar names who chose Key West as their favorite vacation spot. Take a tour of their homes and learn why they were so smitten. Only 90 miles from Cuba, the southernmost point of Key West features a colorful buoy that's a popular attraction. Like any beach vacation, Key West also offers sailing, snorkeling, and kayak tours [3.] If you're looking for excellent hospitality and lovely beach views, book a trip to Key West.

4. Barcelona, Spain
What's better than being able to explore a European city completely free of charge? Barcelona was the birthplace of Catalan modernism, so it would be worth your while to strap your walking shoes on and take in all of the beautiful architecture. Another architecture hot spot is the Gothic quarter, where you can find the popular La Rambla, a street stretching for more than a mile. Interested in seeing Picasso's early works? Stroll down to his museum [4]. If you're looking for a European vacation full of art and architecture, look no further.

5. Austin, Texas
Last but definitely not least - Austin, Texas. Austin is a hub of creativity and culture, which is why it's one of the fastest rising cities in the country. Some of the more popular activities include hiking along the Boardwalk Trail on Lady Bird Lake, listening to a live band at the Texas' Farmer's Market, and looking at masterpieces at The Blanton Museum of Art [5]. If you're not a fan of flying but still want a cultural experience, hop in the car and head to Austin.


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