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  • Healthy money habits you should start today

    Sticking to your goals and creating better habits can be a real time commitment, so it’s better that you start sooner rather than later. Here are some healthy money habits that you should start forming now.

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    Track spending
    It's important to have a visual representation of your spending habits and finances so that you can hold yourself accountable. It might sound like a tedious task, but it does not have to be. For a more traditional approach, you can buy a notebook and put pen to paper. However, if the thought of writing down every purchase you make overwhelms you, you may consider using a personal finance tool, such as Money Manager, to track your spending and get complete insight into your bank account (or numerous bank accounts). By tracking your spending, you can prioritize and adjust your spending patterns for a better budget.

    Start saving a little at a time
    It's not practical to stow away lump sums of money for saving. Instead of putting $500 of your next paycheck away in preparation for Christmas, try setting a goal in January to save $50 a month for your Christmas fund. You and your wallet will feel a lot better that way.

    Have an investor's mind
    Investing is key to securing a stable financial future. The earlier you start investing, the better! That just means more money in your pocket in the end. If you're not quite sure how to start investing, it can be highly beneficial to start with a 401k account. This will begin to set you up for retirement. Keep in mind that investing is most successful when you have excess cash to do so. If you feel like you're a little strapped for cash at the moment, make investing a goal for the near future.

    Shop sales
    If you're not already a bargain shopper, you may consider hitting those sale racks. That doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice style to stick to your budget. If you hit the right stores, you can be just as trendy and stylish as anyone else. Keeping track of the money you save while shopping the sale racks versus regularly priced items could be a nice incentive to keep going.

    Build/improve your credit
    It's essential to keep your credit score at a reasonable place so that you can make those important purchases in the future. Credit is one of the main factors considered when calculating your mortgage rate, car payments, and more. Start building credit now so that you can confidently apply for a loan in the future.

    For more tips and tricks to make smarter decisions with your money, visit Central Bank's Learning Center today.

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