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How to Make Your New Place feel like Home

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You have just received your first big job offer and you’re about to uproot your life and move to a completely new place.

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Maybe it's a different city, or a new state, or an entirely different country. No matter where you are moving to, becoming accustomed to a new place and making it feel like home is one of the biggest struggles. In order to avoid culture shock and become more comfortable sooner, consider these tips:

Create a new home

A new place can provide a lot of excitement, but doesn't always provide that “homey” feeling that comes with the comfort of being familiar with your surroundings. This is probably something you will have to create on your own. Make your new place feel like home as soon as possible; the sooner, the better. Bring lots of pictures of friends or family to remember all of the love that you have in your life, and decorate. Decorate with fun things that you love, useful new toys that you bought locally (while exploring your new home), and other trinkets that you may come across during the process. This is a chance for a new beginning-create your own vibe.

Become a part of the neighborhood

Whether you are simply sitting outside on your porch, or adventuring through the backstreets of your new town, you are bound to meet someone new. Embrace the conversation and don't be afraid to meet new people. Ask some of the locals about the best spots to eat and watch as the people around you light up about the new place you live.


One sure way of meeting nice people is through volunteering. Find something that interests you and see when you can start helping. Being surrounded by people who not only share similar interests with you, but are also interested in helping, creates a good environment for you to connect with people. Some volunteer places require that you work a certain amount of hours each week, so pay attention to these things and how they work into your new work schedule. In addition, volunteering is always a great way to help you save eliminating the time to spend your money elsewhere.

Attend a city meeting

Are you interested in knowing what's going on in your new community? Attending a city council meeting is a perfect place to gain new perspective in the unfamiliar place you are living. Learn about all of the things that are happening in your community and decide what area is a good place for you to get involved. You may find that there is a position where they need help.

Try a new class

Have you been dying to take a cooking class or to learn how to kick box? Now is the time to go for it. Find the nearest gym or culinary school and sign up. Pretty much everyone around you will be new just like you. Laugh and learn together and you may find you have a new friend.

Be brave

Although there are many opportunities to make friends and begin feeling at home, the only person who can make it happen is you. It is up to you to put aside the fear of new things and embrace all of the changes that are happening. It can be intimidating to be in a new place, but hang in there-soon you will forget why you were worried in the first place.


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