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How to Order Checks and What Information You Need

Budget and Save

Ordering checks is easy! Follow these steps to order checks with Central Bank.

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How to order checks via Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App:

Online Banking for mobile and desktop:

  1. Sign into your Online Banking Account.
  2. Select the "Additional Services" tab from the main navigation.
  3. Click "Order Checks" and follow the instructions.

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Mobile Banking App:

  1. Log into the Mobile Banking App.
  2. From the menu, select the "Additional Services" tab.
  3. Click "Order Checks" and follow the instructions.

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What you need to order checks:

  1. Routing number for the account
  2. Checking account number
  3. Zip code associated with your account

Have questions about ordering checks? We’re ready to help! You can visit any branch location and we’ll assist you with ordering checks, or contact us.


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