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How You Can Save Time and Add Revenue to Your Bottom Line

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When you use the Commercial Payments duo, Automated Accounts Payable (AP) and Commercial Mastercard Multi Card® from Central Bank, you'll not only make more money by running your business more efficiently, you'll also save yourself time and stress from the receipt chasing of the past. Transform your payment system into an automated process that's just a hand's reach away.

Earn cash just for paying your vendors

In this digital-day-in-age, vendors now prefer electronic payments because of their quicker processing time. With Automated Accounts Payable (AP), you'll simply approve the payment and we'll take care of the rest. Even better, you'll earn revenue share on every dollar of credit card payments processed through the system. There is more security for your confidential information when you use Automated Accounts Payable. The paperless trail and keen fraud professionals consistently monitor trends and fraudulent spending and will alert you when necessary. Automated Accounts Payable will make it easier not only for you, but your vendors as well! Make the switch today.

Gain greater control of your company spending

With the Commercial Mastercard Multi Card® , you'll consolidate three cards - corporate, purchase, and fleet-all into one. The card also consolidates all your employee spending into one location. At you can check your employees' spending, limit the amounts they are able to spend, and even cancel a card from a remote location. Your employees can also leave notes on any transactions spent on the company card; whether it's from travel costs, gas expenses, and per diem. With the Central Bank Commercial Mastercard Multi Card® organizing your employees' spending has never been easier.

Increase purchasing convenience for employees

The purchasing cards can be branded for your corporation and given to multiple employees, making it easier for them to distinguish which card is their company card within their wallet. Then each card will have its own identifier, so you can both identify who is spending what, but also limit where a particular person can spend. Rules placed on the cards can be designated by you, but also Admins of your choosing. For larger corporate bodies you can designate Admins for different departments, so multiple eyes can monitor employee spending while still ultimately leaving you in charge of the company's finances.

Customize and consolidate your reporting

You have the simplicity and convenience of only having one system to manage all of your payments - vendors, travel, equipment, maintenance services, fuel, and more. Viewing your reports is easy and available online, on your terms. Done are the days of receipt chasing, with this paperless system, cataloging expenses are now easier than ever.

With the Automated Accounts Payable (AP) and Commercial Mastercard Multi Card from Central Bank, managing your company's finances has never been more manageable! When you implement these new systems there's no cost to you. Take this opportunity to utilize Central Bank's effective finance management; whether you're a local company or a multi-state organization, our cash organization solutions are completely customizable with your business goals in mind.

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