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  • 4 ways to save money when having a baby

    Having a child can be a fulfilling event, but it can also be an expensive one. Watching your child take their first steps or say their first word can be a priceless experience, but paying for new clothes and diapers certainly is expensive. But you don't have to drain your bank accounts in order to provide for the newest member of the family. Here are a four ways to save some when you have a baby:

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    1. Research nearby hospitals
    Once you have found out that you are having a baby, you should begin looking into hospitals. Ask your friends and family for recommendations on doctors in the area. Although you may want to go with a top hospital, chances are it can be very expensive. When looking for the right hospital to have your baby, compare the costs and determine what factors mean the most to you. Factor in all the expenses of having a child, including overnight stay, delivery room, and doctor fees. A bigger picture of what you will have to pay will better prepare you for the expensive price tags ahead.

    2. Buy clothes along the way
    In the months leading up to a baby's arrival, you'll find yourself starting to stockpile all the necessary supplies, such as food and toys. This include baby clothes. You can never plan what the size and weight of your child will be. If you buy here and there, be sure to purchase a variety of sizes.

    In order to make sure you don't purchase clothes that do not fit your baby, hold off on buying the majority of clothes until your child arrives. You can buy a few clothes beforehand, but you shouldn't spend all of your money on clothes right away. Wait and see what you get as gifts and check with close friends and family to see if they have any baby clothes you can purchase from them that they are no longer using.

    3. Shop at thrift stores
    Clothes can be one of the most expensive parts of having a child, so it pays to save as much as you can in this department. To help save a few extra dollars, you can try shopping at second-hand or thrift stores, but do so carefully. You never know about the history of a former owner of these clothes, so make sure they are durable and you wash them thoroughly.

    4. Preparing food beforehand
    After your family welcomes home your new bundle of joy, you may be wiped out from staying at the hospital and taking care of the little one. With stress and diminished sleep, you may forego making dinner and just head out to a fast-food joint for nourishment. This can be a nice treat after spending so many days in the hospital, but if it becomes a habit, you could see your checking account diminish quickly.

    In order to halt yourself from eating out every single day, try making meals for you and your family before your child arrives and store them away. You may have your hands full with getting situated for your hospital visit, but if you spend an hour a night getting food situated, you will be able to save some money.

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