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7 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

Budget and Save

The summer months can mean a strain on your electric bill. While typical saving techniques like turning off the lights can be helpful, the summer brings with it the addition of sweltering heat which causes you to crank up your AC. Don’t let the summer heat raise your payments. Here are a few tricks to save:

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1. Unplug. Though you might not be using a particular electric device, it is still stealing energy. Unplug these devices when you're not using them. If your device has an on and off switch like surge protectors, simply turn the switch off to stop the flow of energy [1].

2. Thermostat. In the heat of summer, it can seem overwhelming to have your air conditioning at any more than 72 degrees. To help save, consider getting a programmable thermostat and program it to be warmer when you're not home and cooler when you are home [2].

3. Close up. It can be nice to let the sun in, but you're also letting the heat in. Close the blinds to help rid excess heat that your AC will have to get rid of later. Consider getting extra insulation around entry ways and windows to make sure that none of your cold air escapes outside [1].

4. Fans. Invest in some fans if you can't seem to cool down your house. It will give you a nice breeze as well as help circulate the air in your house. Ceiling fans can be helpful also, just be sure to turn them off once you leave the room [1].

5. Freeze rice. If you are having trouble sleeping at night because you are too warm, consider freezing a five to 10 pound bag of rice and place it under your pillow at night [3].

6. Inspect. If you feel like you are cutting a large sum of your electric bill but aren't seeing any results, it might not be your fault. You might have a leak or your system might not be functioning as efficiently as possible. Call an inspector to find out [1].

7. Skip the oven. The oven is a great tool to make homemade meals, but during the summer it can add excessive amounts of heat to your kitchen. Consider opting for cold meals like salads. Or if you're really wanting something warm, consider taking it outside and grilling. A great family bonding activity as well as an excuse to buy grilling tools [1].


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