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6 Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Content

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Your content is converting on desktop; however, you’re not seeing the same result on mobile. The same content that will convert a customer on a desktop, won’t necessarily deliver the same results on mobile.

Team works to layout optimal look for mobile content

It's sad, but true. With the mobile user you have to keep two components mind: 1) Intention - what is their goal for accessing your website? And, 2) Context - where and when are they accessing your site? If you're in the mindset that content is king, and mobile is first (which you should be), here are six tips on how to optimize your mobile content.

1. Always, always, cross-test devices.

Content and design almost never looks the same device to device. Always design your content for the top 50% of devices used to access your website. Your analytics should be able to tell you how visitors are accessing your site.

2. Create your email copy and design in the mobile-first mindset.

Seventy percent of all emails are first opened on mobile, according to Tim Ash, a mobile content expert and business owner of SiteTuners. Create subject lines that break the interruption of an inbox and that are 40 characters or less; use shock value and even pre-determined emojis; avoid keyword stuffing and using “FREE”. The important content of the email should always be above the fold, including the call to action. When you have a call to action, make sure it is THUMB size. If you do have longer form email, repeat the call to action.

3. Text and graphics don't stand a chance when motion is present.

On every device, if motion or video is present, text and graphics won't get the attention they deserve. Motion always wins (or distracts) the site visitor. Carousels on mobile are not okay. Determine your goal and create a single call to action to get you there.

4. Mobile is used for three main reasons. Design your mobile content so the visitor can easily do all three.

When it comes to mobile, one of the three is most likely happening - searching for a product, a nearby location, or contact information. All three options should be accessible from your mobile home page, use icons that are obvious, and make sure the phone number is click-to-call enabled.

5. Ensure every mobile page has a clear title.

Each piece of content should have a very clear and distinct title. Don't confuse the visitor with extra words or clutter. Let them know right away what they can expect to see on the page.

6. Never create content in the form of a partial screen pop up or overlay.

If you're going to take over the screen on mobile, make it worthwhile and takeover the full screen. This includes hamburger menus, forms, and graphics. It is never appropriate to include content in the form of a pop up. If you have a piece of content that is worth interrupting the experience of the visitor, it may be appropriate to pin to either the top or bottom of the screen and make available on every page of the mobile experience.


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