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The Hidden Costs of Renting an Apartment

Budget and Save

If you’re reading this article, you are considering signing a lease for your first apartment – congratulations!

Moving out of your parents' house and into your own space is a huge transition into adulthood. Before you take this next step in your life, make sure you're equipped with knowledge about possible hidden fees that come with renting an apartment. These fees are not something you might think about right away; however, they are all important things to consider. And in this case, fees aren't always a bad thing. Renter's insurance is an example of a cost associated with renting that will benefit you in the case of an emergency.

The hidden costs of renting an apartment-infographic

Don't let these hidden fees or rising rent prices discourage you from taking the next step in your life and renting an apartment. Talk to your landlord! Waiving certain fees may be an option if you offer to pay early or pay everything in a lump sum.

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