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The Small Business Guide to Holiday Marketing Trends

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The competition is fierce when it comes to marketing during the holiday season. If you run a small business, use these tips to get a leg up on large retailers.

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Get advertisements out early.

For retailers, the holiday season starts before the month of November. Fifty percent of the holiday season’s revenue is typically complete by the beginning of December.[1] To compete as a small business, begin offering holiday promotions well before the end of October in order to generate interest among shoppers for your business.

Focus on digital.

There's no denying that social media is dominating the marketing industry, and this is especially true during the holidays. Digital and mobile technologies play a large role in how consumers purchase products. Shoppers are looking at the physical product in-store, and simultaneously checking out reviews online.

Product reviews and overall business reviews in general are incredibly important to shoppers, especially if they are purchasing something from a small or local business. According to an article in Forbes, “92% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses in order to determine whether these businesses are good or not.”[2] So, focus on incentivizing your loyal customers to leave a review – it may be the reason a new customer will purchase a product from your business!

Don't skimp on Cyber Monday.

The big seller for Cyber Monday shoppers is the convenience of being able to get the best deals from the comfort of their own homes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this day. Cyber Monday alone topped $3 billion in sales in 2015 [4].

Cyber Monday is your best friend.

The big seller for Cyber Monday shoppers is the convenience of being able to get the best deals from the comfort of their own homes. “Cyber Monday raked in a new record of more than $9 billion in sales, marking the first day in history when consumers spent over $3 billion using their smartphones.”[3] With this increase in online purchases, your small business can compete for Cyber Monday shoppers.

Perks, rewards and more.

Everyone loves a good perk, reward, or discount. Perks can make or break your sales during the holiday season, especially when larger retailers can afford to use multiple tactics. One perk that is a necessity during the holiday season, is free shipping and free returns. With an increase in online shopping, including free shipping and returns makes shoppers less nervous to make an online purchase. Having perks for your customers during the holiday season can lead to more lasting effects, such as gaining new, loyal customers.

Embrace the holiday spirit.

Except for the occasional grinch, everyone has a little holiday spirit inside of them. Decorate your brick-and-mortar with some cheer, or maybe tweak your website to feel more appropriate for the season. Either way, your holiday spirit can influence purchases.

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