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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Telecommuting for Your Business

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We’re living in a world where telecommuting is becoming the norm in many industries.

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With office spaces filling fast and traffic jams contributing more emissions into the atmosphere, many employers are looking for alternatives. Here are a few things to consider for your business.

  1. Think of the savings

    Working from home saves everyone money. Employees save money on gas, business clothes, and car maintenance bills. Employers save on equipment and office space. According to Global Workplace Analytics, “nearly six out of ten employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit to telecommuting.” Companies like IBM have also seen its real estate costs lower by $50 million by telework [1].

  2. Increase in productivity

    It's not a just myth that working from home increases production, it's a fact; “National productivity would increase from $334 billion to $467 billion a year through telecommuting” [1]. The Washington Post explains that employees experience better productivity and are more likely to work when they're sick [2]. Not to mention, there are a lot less distractions when working from home, allowing employees the opportunity to focus for longer and be pro-active in planning their day.

  3. More talent

    Allowing employees to telecommute widens your talent pool. You lose geographic boundaries and can better reach those who don't have easy access to transportation. The Global Workplace states that “Over 70% of employees report that the ability to telecommute will be somewhat to extremely important in choosing their next job,” making it an important option to consider. You will also be able to incorporate parents or older people who would've otherwise not been able to work [1]. Opening this talent force can give you the candidates to help your company improve.


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