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No survival skills needed! Off into the wilderness you go. This exciting adventure can be filled with many emotions as you navigate this unknown terrain. As your guide through the mortgage process, Linda is well equipped to take you on this journey and will encourage and guide you each step of the way!

Linda was introduced to the mortgage industry in 1992 and has never looked back! She’s inspired by a passion for helping others and enjoy seeing the pride and excitement that homeownership brings. She has three important ideals that will positively influence your time together.

1. Communication is the key. As your mortgage expert, she will offer clear, thorough communications to keep you well informed each step of the way. You’ll know what to anticipate and expect at every turn.

2. No stone left unturned. Linda has experience in originating, processing and closing mortgage loans and this affords her a unique insight into the FULL scope of the mortgage process. She will closely track every step of this mortgage path so you reach your destination on time!

3. Teamwork makes the dream work. You are in this together, so Linda is ready get started with you and have some fun along the way. She sees blue skies ahead!

Contact her and you will turn this hike into a walk in the park!

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