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Lisa is a passionate problem solver and a partner of the mortgage loan process! It is her greatest joy to find ways to make the reality of home ownership a smooth transaction for everyone she works with.

Lisa became a Mortgage Loan Originator in 2001 and quickly realized that there was not an education process to inform you about the biggest purchase of your life…..your home. She is committed to educating and serving you throughout the entire process.

Prequalification Process: Lisa makes it simple. Using her experience and tools, she does the work so you will know how much you can purchase and the timeframe in which you will be ready to go home shopping.

Selecting a Home: Excitement is here…finding the perfect home for you and your family! Lisa will work with your Realtor so you will receive items in the contract that are beneficial to you.

Loan Process: Lisa and her team have constructed a streamline process keeping open communication every step of the way.

Closing: By the time you are ready for the closing, all you will have to do is sign the paperwork. The closing day is a celebration of you owning your new home.

After closing: Lisa will always stay in touch with you and be there to serve you, your friends, and your family in the future.

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