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To Marianne, things are great, but they aren’t nearly as important as people.

Things come and go, but people are forever. They are the friends, family, coworkers and neighbors that make an impact in your life every day. Sometimes have a small effect, other times, they are enormous. But they are always important.

Marianne loves people. She works for those in need, treating people with respect and giving a voice to whispers. Each person has a name, a goal, and a dream. Marianne always remembers that.

For instance, a house is a thing, but, more importantly, it’s where family and friends gather. That makes a house much more than a roof and four walls. It makes it a home. It is the love, friendship and care you feel from others in your home that creates the memories that last.

Marianne is a mortgage loan expert. Finding the right home is only one step in the process. You’ve got to get the right loan. Marianne works through all your options, presents each option to you in turn, and then, advises you on the one that works best for you. She takes this responsibility very seriously because you’ve got a lot riding on this.

Talk to Marianne today. You’ll feel important.

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