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What’s the worst thing that can happen when you take a walk? You’ll get outside, you’ll breathe the fresh air, and be among nature. About the only bad thing that can happen is you might get rained on.

Do it anyway. It’s probably gorgeous out there.

Matt is a mortgage officer, but he’s also the creator of the Go Project. This program helps victims of abuse or post-traumatic stress by encouraging them to head outdoors. Sometimes it’s a walk through the woods, a hike through one of Missouri’s State Parks, or even just a quick trip to a creek bed in summer to get their toes wet. Getting outside helps these individuals with their stress and depression by reminding them of the good things in life.

Buying a home is a bit like that, too. It can be stressful without the right guide. Matt walks you down the path. He handles all the details. You enjoy the journey.

So contact Matt today. It’s time to go outside. The forecast is great.

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