Fixed-Rate Mortgage

If you’re a homebuyer looking for a stable way to finance your home purchase, a Fixed-Rate Mortgage is a perfect home loan option for you.

Choose a Fixed Mortgage for Consistent Mortgage Payments

If you appreciate consistency in life, a fixed-rate mortgage may be right for you. With so much uncertainty with many financial decisions, it can be a comfort to know that your mortgage rate will never change for the life of the loan. Choose a mortgage term that's typically anywhere between 15-30 years. Enjoy a stable monthly mortgage payment while also paying the least amount of interest over time.

Many individuals and families choose a fixed-rate mortgage for the following reasons:

  • Consistent monthly payments
  • Pay principal on your loan at any time with no penalties
  • Your interest stays the same regardless of the market (this can be good or bad)
  • You can choose the life of your loan – typically anywhere between 15 and 30 years

Whether you decide on a 15-year fixed mortgage, 30-year, or somewhere in between, there are benefits and drawbacks. Meet with one of the knowledgeable mortgage lenders at Central Bank to determine which mortgage term is right for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of 15-Year Fixed Mortgages

Choosing a 15-year fixed mortgage is great for individuals and families looking to quickly pay off their mortgage while paying the least amount of interest possible. The drawback to a shorter mortgage term is that your payments will be higher. If paying less interest is important to you, be sure to check that your finances will support a higher mortgage payment.

Benefits and Drawbacks of 30-Year Fixed Mortgages

With 30-year fixed mortgages, individuals and families often go for them because the payments are lower. The trade-off is a longer mortgage term and paying more interest over time. However, many households prefer 30-year fixed mortgages because they have the security of a lower house payment and still have the option to put more money toward the principal each month without penalty.

Let Central Bank Find the Fixed Mortgage Term for You

Unsure whether you should opt for a short- or long-term fixed mortgage? Meet with the friendly and knowledgeable lenders at Central Bank. Our mortgage lenders will help you determine which mortgage term is right for you and even suggest other lending options based on your financial situation and goals. If you’re ready to begin the search for the home of your dreams, get prequalified online, today!