FHA Loan

For first-time homebuyers looking to fund your new home purchase with a minimal down payment, an FHA Loan with Central Bank is an option for you.

An FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loan is backed by the government. This loan type is a great option for first-time homebuyers seeking a minimal down payment. FHA Loans offer flexible credit and asset options that may not be readily available on other loan options.

Check out the benefits of an FHA Loan:
  • Low down payment
  • Loan terms are flexible – choose anywhere from 15 to 30 years for the life of the loan
  • Competitive rates with Central Bank
  • Government-backed loan
  • Pay down your principle at any time with no penalties
  • Available with both fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Sellers can contribute up to 6% of the sales price to assist with the payment of closing costs and pre-paid items