Nicholas M. Riordan

Nicholas M. Riordan

Executive Vice President
Regional Commercial Manager

About Me

Nick joined Central Bank of St. Louis in 2005 and is currently an Executive Vice President in the Commercial Lending department. He leads the bank's commercial lending team in the Des Peres region. Nick's team services clients in a wide variety of industries and assists small to middle market companies as well as real estate investors with their various financing and banking needs. Nick also leads the bank's Dental Practice Solutions group and assists dentists with dental practice acquisition, real estate, and dental equipment loans. He works closely with his clients and provides a single point of contact for all of their banking needs to help simplify their lives.

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“I have conducted business with Nick for over 6 years. Nick is very knowledgeable in business banking and always has an answer to my business needs. He is exceptionally prompt with information and goes the extra mile to get the job done. I would recommend speaking with Nick to see how he can help move your business forward.” - Dave H.

“I have worked with Nick 5 years now. He has been a huge help to me in my business, on land transactions, and his bank handles my personal finances as well. He is one of the best in the business as far as I am concerned. He always responds promptly and shows genuine care for his clients. If you want a banker that can get things done, do not hesitate to call him.” - Phil B.

“I've worked with Nick over the past 8 plus years in a commercial setting. We were one of Nick's first accounts and he has done a wonderful job for us during some really tough times and well as coming out of the recession. He can see the big picture and the detail at the same time, knows how business banking can help a business prosper and if he doesn't know an answer to a question, he will let you know and go find out as quickly as he can. Nick is also curious and wanted to know our business, we were not just an account number to him. Nick visited our office several times, learning what we do and how we do it which helped him help us going forward. How many people in banking do you (know) that are this curious and supportive? Nick is someone I would recommend for a business banker to any one in any business.” - James C.

“As a business owner and entrepreneur I can say that my relationship with Nick Riordan of Central Bank has been integral to the stability and growth of my business. Nick understands my business needs and provides opportunity and solutions in achieving those needs. I would recommend a conversation with Nick regarding your business and banking needs to further understand why guys like me benefit from guys like Nick Riordan.” - McDara O.