Personal Account & Card Alerts

Stay up-to-date and protect your personal information with account, credit, or debit card alerts.¹

Keep track of your accounts without making them the focus of your day. Set up an alert and we’ll notify you by email or text (your choice) when your accounts achieve the desired action.

Log into Online Banking

Choose from the following:

  • Balance Alerts – current balance, balance falls below a specific amount, balance climbs above specific amount, and account overdrawn
  • Transaction Alerts – deposit pending, deposit posted, deposit over specific amount occurs, deposit item returned, withdrawal over specific amount occurs, specific check number clears, and when daily RoundUp transfers occur
  • Loan Alerts – payment coming due and payment made
  • Card Alerts – based on spend, transaction, merchant, and location
alert on a mobile device

To set up Account Alerts (balance, transaction, or loan):

  1. Sign into Online Banking
  2. Click Manage Alerts in the top menu
  3. Start monitoring your accounts!
alert icon on a credit card

To set up Card Alerts (spend, transaction, merchant, or location):

  1. Download the Central Bank App.
  2. Log in using your Online Banking username and password.
  3. Select Card Management from the menu.
  4. Choose Card Alerts!

  1. Mobile carrier data and text rates may apply. Back to content