Personal Account & Card Alerts

Stay up-to-date and protect your personal information with account, credit, or debit card alerts.+

Keep track of your accounts without making them the focus of your day. Set up an alert and we’ll notify you by email or text+ (your choice) when your accounts achieve the desired action.


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Log into Online Banking

Choose from the following:

  • Balance Alerts – current balance, balance falls below a specific amount, balance climbs above specific amount, and account overdrawn
  • Transaction Alerts – deposit pending, deposit posted, deposit over specific amount occurs, deposit item returned, withdrawal over specific amount occurs, specific check number clears, and when daily RoundUp transfers occur
  • Loan Alerts – payment coming due and payment made
  • Card Alerts – based on spend, transaction, merchant, and location
alert on mobile device

To set up Account Alerts (balance, transaction, or loan):

  1. Sign into Online Banking
  2. Click Manage Alerts in the top menu
  3. Start monitoring your accounts!
alert icon coming from a credit card

To set up Card Alerts (spend, transaction, merchant, or location):

  1. Download the Central Bank App.
  2. Log in using your Online Banking username and password.
  3. Select Card Management from the menu.
  4. Choose Card Alerts!