Money Manager Just Got Better

Take your finances to a new level!

The next generation of personal financial management is here. With several enhancements that will transform the way you manage your money, you’ll discover a world of possibilities and unlock your full potential with Money Manager. And the best part - it's automatically available in your Online and Mobile banking through the Money Manager tab!
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Fresh Look & Feel

Navigating the new easy-to-use Money Manager dashboard gives you multiple views into your finances.

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New Features & Functionality

Use Money Trackers to give you full control of setting and tracking your financial goals.

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Personalized Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your finances and make more informed decisions with personalized data-driven insights.

Manage Your Finances with Money Trackers

Upcoming Activity Tracker

Receive snapshots of expected upcoming activity to your accounts and get notified about potential low balance amounts in the upcoming weeks.

Cash Flow Tracker

Your one stop shop to see the transactions coming in and going out of your accounts. Filter the transactions by account, month, incoming, outgoing, and transaction category.

Goal Tracker

Start your savings goal by selecting a category and determining the target goal amount. Watch your goal increase from the Money Manager dashboard and get notified when you reach milestones.

Subscription Trackers

No more surprises of upcoming subscriptions. Get a full view of your monthly costs, yearly costs, and active subscriptions.

Monthly Spending Tracker

Get a visual into your spending activity by month. Break your spending down even further by account, month, and spending category.

Budget Tracker

Overspending is a thing of the past. Set your budget by selecting a spend category and easily visualize your progress from the Money Manager dashboard. Receive notifications when reaching milestones throughout the month.

Get Personal with Your Finances

Insights are a new way to stay in the know with your finances. Personalized to you, these data-driven pieces of information will let you know about deposits to your account, notify you of upcoming subscription renewals, keep you informed of suspicious transactions, and so much more.
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Available within Online and Mobile Banking

Don’t have our mobile app? Download our Mobile Banking App today and enjoy better banking!

To download the mobile app¹, follow the links below.

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Google Store


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Apple App Store

Money Manager FAQs

All Online and Mobile Banking users will automatically have access to the updated Money Manager.

No, with this update to Money Manager any existing budgets or cashflows will need to be reestablished. However, our updated data-driven technology will guide users to quickly create budgets and goals and better understand cashflows.

Yes, you’ll be able to connect external accounts within Money Manager to get a complete view of your finances.²

No, the alerts in Money Manager will not transfer. With the update, Money Manager will automatically alert users through relevant Insights that can be seen on the Accounts Summary dashboard as well as the Money Manager dashboard.

In addition to Insights, we offer several account Alert options. Users can view them under Alerts in the Accounts section of Online Banking or Manage Alerts in the hamburger menu of mobile banking.

Insights use data-driven technology to bring to your attention relevant information about your accounts and money so that you can better understand your financial wellness and make more informed decisions.

Yes! Automated insights will notify you of upcoming renewals, recurring payments, unusual behavior, and more.

Users can find their Money Manager tools in the same place they do today – under the Money Manager menu and on the Account Summary page.

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